9th October – Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope everyone is well rested, ready for another busy and productive school term. I would like to welcome the return of Ms Campbell and Mrs Shaw from leave taken at the end of term 3.

Our prep transition program begins this Friday, 12th October. This is a wonderful program that successfully transitions kindergarten children to prep in 2019. If you know of anyone planning to enrol a prep student for the 2019 school year, please encourage them to come into the office and collect an enrolment pack with information regarding this program.

Our next School Council finance meeting will take place at 5pm on Wednesday 17th October while School Council will be meeting 5pm on Monday 22nd October.

It is a legal requirement that our school records the attendance of all students enrolled. It is therefore important that this is done so accurately.If your child is unwell or has an appointment to attend, please make sure you inform the school either through Compass or by phoning the school. We have recently sent home letters to families regarding any unexplained absences which we will use to update our records. So if you receive a letter please fill it out and return it to the office.

A case of Chicken pox has been diagnosed this week at school. Please be extremely vigilant and check your child thoroughly and should you suspect an infection, please see your doctor immediately.
If your child has chickenpox, they may:
• Have a mild fever
• Feel tired and irritable
• Be itchy
• Have a rash

The rash usually appears 10 to 21 days after first being exposed to someone who has chicken pox. The time between exposure and getting the rash is called the incubation period. The rash usually first appears on the chest, back or face. It can then move to other areas of the body, including inside the mouth. At first, the rash looks like small pimples. These later become blisters full of fluid. Most children with chicken pox are unwell for about five to seven days.
Please thoroughly check your child’s skin tonight.

Swimming will commence next Thursday for grades prep to 2. These sessions will take place each Thursday for seven weeks. Students are reminded to bring all necessary equipment in a waterproof bag. Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled. Swimming is invoiced separately to your booklist charges and notices have been sent home. The cost for swimming for 2018 is $64 per child. The 2018 swimming charges must be finalised prior to children taking part in swimming.

Andrew Strickland Andrew Strickland

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1009 Newsletter 9th October 2018 Week 1